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Its a small world

but I wouldn't want to paint it.

Micha and Andrew Weir's Maid in Africa is a design studio, originally from Namibia but now based in Cape Town, that convert fine art into utility objects.

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Maid in Africa

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Hand-made in South Africa


These fantastic, colourful fabrics are hand-printed and hand-painted by Micha Weir and her team in the sunny climate of Capetown. I'm sure you'll agree that Michas colours and designs are truly inspiring. All 100% South African export quality cotton.

Hand printed fabrics inspired by John Muafangejo

Maidonna cushion


Recently featured in

Lancashire Life magazine

This fabulous Maidonna hand-painted African cushion is bursting with colour and would look wonderful on its own or mixed with other patterns and colours, £65 for the small and £85, for the large version, sold by Maud Interiors.

Designed by Andew Weir


These fantastic, colourful fabrics are hand-printed and hand-painted by Micha Weir and her team in the sunny climate of Namibia. I'm sure you'll agree that Michas colours and designs are truly inspiring. All 100% African hand craft quality.

90 mm x 90 mm

Cuca Coasters & Post Cuca Coasters



All products are designed in-house using techniques such as silk screen, hand painting and digital printing. Maid in Africa celebrates free enterprise and free-range chicken with their Shak prints, and depicts Cape Town's slave-trade history with their Slave to Fashion range, using every day brands such as armite, Get Rich and Lucky Star that have become part of the African visual identity.


A set of sixteen

colour postcards


free enterprise &

free-range chickens

We have quite a large range of products from textiles, posters and postcards to coasters and wallpaper. We also have finished items such as cushion covers, aprons, ironing boards and a range of fashionable clothing. We use silkscreen, hand-painted and digital printing techniques. All our textiles are printed on pure cotton. Our diversity is a reflection of the space we live in.

various table mountain motives available on fridge magnets, canvas, postcards, t-shirts...

designed by Andrew Weir


There are so many products out there – we identify ourselves with a need to look at things in a different light and to maybe question them. We celebrate free enterprise and free-range chicken with our township prints and ‘save our southern rights’ with a whalebone corset. We use every day brands that have become part of our African identity with Marmite, Get Rich and Lucky Star, and celebrate Table Mountain with a series of Fable Mountain prints featuring Heidi and Spiderman. Humour keeps us sane in a world so insane, decadent and divided.

Fable mountain series

A large variety of digital prints on canvas to order


Give your bar

a better "Life"


Like all the products in the Maud interiors collection, the Maid in Africa cushions are handmade.

Each cushion, detailing exotic flora and fauna from southern African life and well known brands, like Get Rich and Lucky Strike, is hand printed in black onto white cotton and then individually hand painted so no two cushions are alike.   The cushions are backed with a mix of traditional African prints and come with a plump duck feather inner pad.

Our one-of-a-kind, African cushions, are ideal for injecting some colour into a room or  sprucing up a tired sofa or chair.  Use them individually to create a focal point  or  mix and match them to create an eye-popping riot of colours and imagery.


In Africa there is a saying “What you cannot carry on your head you can most probably live without.”

Oshi-cardies - African proverbs

Set of 15 postcards, Black & White photography, hand developed, scanned and colored.

Joint project with The Katutura Art Centre, Ted Scott, Djunior Svane & Andrew Weir.

Micky Mouse

has grown

up a



15 million

African people

displaced during

the slave trade left

a permanent imprint

on the continent`s fabric.

Transported on ships

like these most never

reached their



Here is a fitting




Slave to fashion.

Hand Printed fabric on iron board.


The design duo behind the range, Micha and Andrew Weir, were inspired to create Maid in Africa in 2006 to generate extra work for Priscilla, a young mother who had been diagnosed HIV positive and had lost her housekeeping job.

As she became weaker she wanted to be productive and so combining their creative knowledge with their ability to screen print, Maid in Africa was born. Sadly Priscilla has since passed away but the company continues to employ out of work domestic workers.


"In Priscilla we found the motivation amd faith to do what we had always wished to do. Our own Madonna" (Micha Weir)








and found.


Faith, Hope and Charity.